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Pre-laminated MDF as the better choice to fulfill your MDF needs

When choosing the perfect materials for the interior of your home or office, it is essential to consider not only the aesthetic aspect but also the durability and quality of the material. Medium Density Fibreboard (commonly known as MDF) is one of the best choices to use, not only price-wise it is less expensive, but also because it is denser than other types of particle wood boards.

What is Medium Density Fibreboard?

Medium Density Fibreboard is a material commonly used in furniture. It is made by glueing and pressing soft and hardwood fibres, then bounded by either wax or resin to maintain its structure. MDF is considered one of the most eco-friendly materials since the main ingredients are obtained from residual wood fibers. Since it is made from recycled residual wood, it is no surprise that the availability of MDF is abundant and can be offered at a lower price point.

Regular MDF vs. Pre-laminated MDF

There are several types of MDF available to choose on the market based on detailed specifications and usability. But many need clarification on the primary differences between regular vs. pre-laminated MDF. The regular one (or non-laminated MDF) is the type of MDF that is denser and heavier than plywood. Since it is the simplest form without any extra additions, regular-type MDF can be described as a very stiff material and is the hardest to shape. Without any lamination to protect it, this MDF type is usually more prone to staining. Since it has no coating, it will be harder to clean if something splashes or spills over it.

Next, pre-lam or laminated MDF. The main thing that differentiates this type from regular MDF is the additional materials to give a glossier look and extra protection to the surface. Melamine is added in production after the residual wood fibres are pressured and heated together. This step added extra protection to the surface area since spilling or splashing would not directly come through the melamine layers towards the wood. Pre-lam MDF offers the additional advantage of being much more water and fire-resistant, thus could hold form for a longer time even when exposed to changes in temperature and humidity. It is also not uncommon for pre-lam MDF to be made with greater density and strength since it is intentionally made to be more durable than regular MDF.

Benefits of pre-lam MDF

Undoubtedly, there are other benefits that pre-laminated MDF has to offer. Three other things that made pre-lam MDF way superior to other alternatives:

  • It comes in wide availability of shades and patterns in a low price

This makes pre-lam MDF a great choice since it is accessible due to its high availability and offers excellent economic value for those who want to experiment with their interior project but remain cost-effective compared to using solid wood.

  • Durable but still flexible.

Compared to other alternatives and even regular MDF, pre-lam MDF has higher flexibility, making it easier to shape into varied furniture shapes, and is more resistant to cracking, hence having a longer lifespan

  • Resilient and easier to clean.

Due to its melamine coating, pre-lam MDF is immune to any scratching, rotting, or spilling – since it can easily be removed by wiping it with water or solvent to prevent staining. The coating not only adds a glossy look but also comes in handy for it to be made into furniture used in the kitchen or even near the bathroom area that is more humid.

In conclusion, pre-lam MDF offered the same, if not additional advantages of standard MDF in usage. Not only is it eco-friendly, but its enhanced durability due to the melamine coating makes it possible for this type of MDF also be used for exterior applications. You can start choosing the highest quality regular and pre-lam MDF offered in various vibrant colours and patterns produced by PT. Sumatera Fibreboard Prima for all of your interior and exterior design needs.

If you are looking for high-quality MDF materials for your furniture needs, you can check ours on Sumatera Prima Fibreboard.


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